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  • May 16, 2024


    Celebrated guitarist and vocalist Ana Popovic brings her new musical adventure “FANTASTAFUNK” Big Band Project to prestigious music festivals this summer, including Monterey Jazz Fest, California, Notodden Blues Fest, Norway, Pori Jazz, Finland, and more.

    To coincide with the news of the Big Band Project, Ana has released the live single “Queen Of The Pack” on all streaming platforms HERE.

    The live performance video of “Queen Of The Pack” is now available on YouTube HERE.

    Get your dance, get your groove! FANTASTAFUNK yourself! Indulge in this super exciting powerhouse funk & blues, rock & soul, gospel, and R&B experience. A superb band FANTASTAFUNK merges styles and is a musical fusion of Stax and Motown with contemporary guitar-driven grooves and delivers the sound that you have never experienced from Ana Popovic before.

    It’s based on some of Ana's songs delivered in a new way. It’s also been made for this new project, mixed with some great funk, soul, gospel, and blues sounds and standards - that the audience will love hearing again, great grooves and excellent musicianship. Multiple vocalists, percussionist, drummer, 3 horns, bass, keys, guitar, it’s an 11-piece band that will be a showcase to remember on any of the leading music festivals today.

    About the making of FANTASTAFUNK

    “I felt ready to form a big band, for quite some time,” explains Ana. “I just felt I knew exactly what I wanted to hear from my live performances, and what instrumentation was missing for that sound in a 6-piece band formation. The final push was the making of my 2023 album, Power.” Continues Ana, “An album like Power demands a band like this, one that will really be able to fully come to life. That’s the way it was originally thought of and created. I felt ready to give myself a chance to create that kind of a sound. So many new influences, such as gospel, old school funk, soul, R&B, I really wanted to bring that record to life on stage. “This is how the idea of the big soul funk formation came about. Power was recorded in different cities in Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, Orlando. It gave me - exactly what it’s title states - Power to get through most difficult time in my life, being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020. It practically infused ‘life’ back to me.” “Now, four years later, and leaving all that behind, I feel great in my skin, I delivered a positive, inspiring record, and so much fun to play live. Following hundreds of shows since then, as energized as I was after my treatment was done, I was ready to take on, not just touring, but fronting a 11-piece power / jam / groove formation!”

    The FUNTASTAFUNK live performance videos were recorded in November ‘23 at the Bloom Recording Studios in Rome, Italy. Engineered by Fabrizio Ludovici, video production by Daniele Chinelli.

    “I had three days off, and I almost single-handedly organized the whole thing! Got the studio, organized musicians, cameras, engineers, and chose the songs for the videos. I also play a big part in editing my videos. I have an idea how I want them to sound and look. It was hard work, but also so much joy of getting friends together, enjoying each other’s company, post-recording, in a cosy Italian restaurant, eating great pasta and having great wine and Apperol spritz! Those were perfect three days - such energizing work, with sweet people - family!”

    Some of the songs, like ‘Queen Of The Pack’ are from the album Power but done in the big band style and others (to be released) are all-new, never-previously-released tracks that will culminate into my next record that’s being finished as we speak. There’s a U.S. line-up and a European line-up. I’m very excited to be able to present the band already on 3 major Jazz and Blues festivals, on both sides of the ocean, Monterey Jazz Fest in California, Pori Jazz in Finland, and Notodden Festival in Norway. The line-up varies but consists of these fabulous musicians:

    Ana Popovic - Lead singer, guitar player, band leader (US)
    Buthel - Bass (EU/US)
    Jeremy Thomas - Drums (EU/US)
    Francisco Mendolia - Drums (EU)
    Michele Papadia - Keyboards (EU)
    Aaron Mayfield - Keyboards (US)
    Karl Vandenbossche - Percussion (EU)
    Jerwayne Maclin - Percussion (US)
    Noreen Stewart - Background vocals (EU)
    Jacob Atta Kaakra Eggay - Background vocals (EU)
    Geraldine Reid - Background vocals (EU)
    Claudio Giovagnoli - Saxophone (EU)
    Davide Ghidoni - Trumpet (EU)
    Evan Knight - Saxophone (US)
    Jordan Carr - Trumpet (US)
    Jonathan Mones - Saxophone (US)
    SueAnn - Background vocals (US)
    L Young - Background vocals (US)
    Madam Dee - Background vocals (US)
    Letitia Dei - Background vocals (EU)
    Barbara Caldini - Background vocals (EU)
    Nadia Guelfi – Background vocals (EU)

    Musically, Ana Popovic never stands still. She pushes boundaries, challenges genres, and reinvents the music and herself with each new record and each new concept. With her mesmerizing stage personality, the award-winning and hard-touring guitar hero turns her concerts into irresistible experiences. Ana Popovic & “FANTASTAFUNK” Big Band Project is a unique concert that you can't miss!

  • January 25, 2024

    Double nomination Blues Music Awards '24

    Such an honor to be recognized by The Blues Foundation for the 2024 Blues Music Awards! (I will even forgive them for miss-spelling my name this time around) Nominated for 'Blues Rock Artist of the year' and ‘POWER’ nominated for the 'Blues Rock Album Of the year'.

    Congratulations to all the nominees! ‘POWER’ was recorded in the most challenging times of my life, and to me it’s so much more than just a record. It serves as a reminder that music and guitars CAN save lives. Thank you all!

    blues rock album 2024  blues rock artist 

  • Ana joins Concerted Efforts Agency January 23, 2024

    Ana joins Concerted Efforts Agency

    Ana is delighted to announce she has joined Concerted Efforts Agency! For all North American bookings please contact Tom Gold. See you on the road soon 🎸

  • December 18, 2023

    Fantastafunk - BIG band project

    Just in time for the holidays! We recorded this back in Nov '23 in Rome, Italy. 'Fantastafunk' my big band project, soul, funk, r&b extravaganza! Let's bring this to a place near you!

    For booking contact: Concerted Efforts (North America), Neil O'Brien Entertainment (United Kingdom), DiamonTour (France), The European Music Agency (Itlay), ArtisteXclusive (all other regions).

  • Returning to Paris! Pan Piper 25 mars December 08, 2023

    Returning to Paris! Pan Piper 25 mars '24

    Souvent surnommée la « Jimi Hendrix au féminin », Ana Popovic est une véritable exception de la scène du blues international. Non seulement elle chante divinement bien, mais elle est également auteure compositrice et une surdouée de la guitare. Née en Serbie, elle vit maintenant à Los Angeles, où elle partage la scène avec de nombreux musiciens talentueux. Son talent est tel, qu’elle a partagé des scènes en tête d’affiche avec B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Joe Bonamassa et bien d’autres. Nominée pour six Blues Music Awards, presque tous les albums d’Ana ont fait le Top 5 des Billboard Blues Charts. Applaudie par Bruce Springsteen et Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), elle est probablement aujourd’hui l’une des guitaristes de blues les plus renommées de la planète. Entourée de cinq musiciens émérites, ses shows sont des rendez-vous immanquables pour les fans de blues, de rock et de guitare virtuose!

    Plus d'info

    Concert présenté par ArtisteXclusive, DiamonTour et Odeva.
    Ouverture des portes à 20h00
    Début du concert à 20h30

  • Meet Foggy (Mirror Chrome) September 01, 2023

    Meet Foggy (Mirror Chrome)

    My relationship with Fender started back home when I first laid my hands on Fender. I was about 12 years old. I bought my first strat when I was 18. ‘73 Fender. Soon after that I got my beloved reissue ‘57 that would always be with me on all concerts throughout my whole career. Fender strat was my guitar always. The one guitar I wanted to play. Fast forward many years later I bought my all original ‘64 strat and paid 20.000$ from my own merchandise money.

    My actual relationship with Fender started in 2000 when I first met Billy Siegle in California. At that time there weren’t many women playing guitar, and quite frankly they were not in demand either. It was a very much a masculine world of guitar. Billy welcomed me to the family. Over the course of 20 years we stayed in touch while I was working on my career, working on creating my sound and my recognizable licks as I wanted to leave my print in the world of rock, blues and funk guitar and strats.

    That led me to a conversation about a 20th anniversary strat that would celebrate my career. Billy said: “We wanna celebrate with you. We wanna salute you!” That was really heartwarming. I wanted something different and new but staying true to my self as a player. I didn’t want a replica of what I already had, and by no means wanted to try to top my road warrior- my all original ‘64 strat that always gets my blood pumping. That guitar has been just an everlasting inspiration throughout the years. So I didn’t want to copy what I already had and I wanted something - both looking and sounding modern, something hip and cool but at the same time rooted enough in old school sound as well. Billy and I talked about making a guitar that would celebrate my career and accomplishments of a female guitar player coming from Eastern Europe to the US and touring the world for 20 straight years, hundreds of shows every year inspiring new women to take the guitar and be fashion icons as well as play their axe and front their band and be successful business women.

    Feb 21. 2019
    My first visit to Custom Shop regarding the new guitar. We went with red colors, gold, whites.. I took home the color pallet and had many sleepless nights thinking about this. Fender would send me examples to listen and look at. 

    March 8.2019
    This text made me curious: “Hi Ana. Roasted Alder body and Roasted 5A Flame Maple neck with a very Dark African Blackwood fretboard. Sounded unreal. Exact same neckshape that you liked on that 63 2tsb Strat with the brass block you liked. I can totally see this style guitar with your logo on the fretboard as we discussed. Just give it some thought. 
    - Fender

    Hi Fender, Love the red. But when I was on Experience hendrix I saw Joe’s (Satriani) guitar, and man that just reflects in the light and is so cool. He said he thought fender has an option for a thin layer of color as well. Check it out” and then send him some photos.

    On May 8th 2019 there was a first attempt at chrome finish.


    “Hi Ana. Well this was my first attempt at a Chrome finish. It looked good when the actual chrome paint was applied, but has a cloudy effect after applying topcoat over it. Honestly I think it will look good if I can figure it out. “ - Fender

    And that was really the winner: “Cloudy” effect gave it that thing I was looking for. Less shiny more bluesy. More old school. But the same WOW effect. I was sold. On October 11 2019 there was a visit to the Custom Shop and I could hold my new baby for the first time! That was excitement I can not explain!

    On October 14 2019 we named the color 'Foggy Mirror Chrome'. Fender doesn’t have that color - I’m the first one with it! It just kinda reminds me of that hot Bathroom mirror after you get out of the shower.

    Right then we knew: this guitar is going to be EPIC!

    On Feb 20 '20 the layout for the fretboard was made. So exciting!


    On May 5th I was back trying out pickups. We had many lined up- dunkan 78, dunkan 59, bunch of humbuckers, and we had good times trying them.

    May 20 '20
    There are rumours of plant closing due to covid. 

    May 15 '20
    “Good Morning Ana. Things are starting to happen quickly now. The neck is with our inlay guy now and should be completed very soon. I’m putting the body into paint today to get the process started. It is quite a lengthy one. More updates as they develop. Take care.

    On July 17 '20 I get a text from Chris Fleming with this gorgeous photos:



    At that time covid is real and everything gets put on hold. Soon after that I find out I was diagnosed with breast cancer. And my fight begins. As I am recording “POWER” - record that literally gave me power to survive- I’m daydreaming about my guitar and my world seems like on a different planet. I needed that guitar then more than ever!

    May 20 '21
    Greg Fesler is on board to finish the guitar. This guitar was like a saving grace for me at that time! Greg Fessler was amazing and really picked up the pieces where we have left them, back when the world was normal. He was on board to finish it and get it to me! However Covid has left so many things on hold so the wait wasn’t over.

    A few years later on August 10.2023 Billy Siegle shipped this guitar to me. The moment I met Foggy for the first time can’t be compared with anything! I LOVE IT. It illuminated my world! I love everything about it. My fans absolutely love it. They want it! Every night I get questions “Can we order it?” - I would be honored! Is my reply. It’s exactly what I wanted. It bites and reflects the light just as my music and I want to reflect the light and positivity, excitement of being a musician and touring the world and leave a positive message to the world!


    Ana with 'Foggy': Seymor Duncan 78 Model Bridge Pick up.

    Wired like the original from 1978, warm crunch with biting leads and harmonic overtones. One of the best Alnico II (three different metallic elements: aluminum, nickel and cobalt) Singles are Custom Shop neck and middle single coil pick up made by specs from the 60’s. Neck shape: Large "C" Jumbo frets.

  • blues walk of fame August 04, 2023

    blues walk of fame

    Thank you Notodden Blues Festival! My own star at the blues walk of fame! I’m truly honored. We go way back- 2001 when I opened your festival and it’s been love for you ever since!

  • POWER #1 ON BILLBOARDS! May 23, 2023


    Incredible news today! ‘POWER’ #1 on the Billboards Blues Charts USA! THE list of best selling albums nationwide. To see the image of two hands holding - black and white- image of unity, friendship, and of our music styles merging, bending genres- forever inspired by blues- gracing the Billboard Blues Charts today. Feeling is indescribable! This record being released on our own label ArtistExclusive records is even more victorious!
    I’d like to thank my co-producer Buthel, all the musicians who played on it, engineers, studios, and above all - our fans, music lovers, for pre-ordering and buying music.
    This is the result!

  • Ana joins TEMA May 03, 2023

    Ana joins TEMA

    Ana joined TEMA / The European Music Agency! TEMA represents an amazing roster (Cory Wong, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Gregory Porter, Snarky Puppy, Marcus Miller, Cory Henry, the list goes on and on...) For all Italian, Spanish and Portuguese bookings please Enrico Iubatti tel: +39 347 5744516 or Andrea Scaccia tel: +39 339 2980936

  • DISTRIBUTION April 25, 2023


    Ana Popovic Music & ArtisteXclusive records announce an exclusive partnership with Cadiz Music distribution for the UK and Eire! In Germany we continu to work with In-akustik, with Socadisc in France, BSMF in Japan and City Hall in North America.

    Other partners include: BORDER MUSIC Scandinavia, COMPACT RECORDS Portugal, COAST TO COAST BV Netherlands, ONLY BLUES MUSIC Australia and SILK ROAD MUSIC in Hong Kong.

    Looking to distibute Ana's records? Contact

  • March 08, 2023


    Internationally renowned guitarist Ana Popovic is pleased to announce her new single “Strong Taste” released on Wednesday March 8th. This is the third single taken from her forthcoming studio album “POWER” released by ArtisteXclusive Records on Friday May 5th.

    The “Strong Taste” music video is available to watch on YouTube HERE.

    Says Ana, “For the music video for 'Strong Taste,' I chose the setting at the Nebraska State Fair, the tractor race, and my band just kickin’ it, having fun, as the perfect setting for this track with heavy slide guitars and strong blues pocket.”

    Continues Ana, “Strong Taste” is about S.E.X. Strong taste for the get down, or whatever or whoever your get down might be. And you’ve got a taste for it. Nothing’s going to stop you. If there’s a person out there that you want, and everything – his/her style, swag, sex appeal, his/her reputation, sense of cool, all of it is like you want it, all of it fits your taste, then you’re coming with your “high beams on”! You’re coming to get it!

  • February 14, 2023

    Ana Popovic Premieres Video for ‘Recipe for Romance,’ Self-Love Song for Valentine’s Day

    Popovic's new album, 'POWER,' is due for release on May 5, 2023 via ArtisteXclusive Records!

    Throughout her career, internationally renowned guitarist Ana Popovic has found different ways to highlight themes of female empowerment – everything from juggle-struggles as a working mom to challenging and confronting male dominance, to acknowledging the men who actually support women in these efforts. Notably, she was the only female guitarist to be included in the 2014-2018 all-star Experience Hendrix tribute, a national tour celebrating the music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix that included Buddy Guy and Eric Johnson. On “Recipe for Romance,” premiering exclusively today, the theme is love. But first and foremost, self-love as a key to empowerment.

    The song and video serve as a Powerful preview of the album. “The story that people see is: a romantic music video of a woman getting ready for her date, getting the right clothes, cooking her best meal, looking at the cookbook while taking a bath, at her own speed,” she explains to me. “It’s a laid back day of her getting ready for the evening. But the hidden message here is women are being diagnosed with what seems like a devastating prognosis every day on this planet.

    “Some women are being left by their partners to battle it alone. Can you believe that?! Some are being left what they and the world see as less ‘women’ than before. This is basically a POWERful message that you can still feel good in your skin, feel attractive, feel sexy just a few months after a treatment and you can get on with your new life. There is a future! You can reinvent and embrace your new look, your new self, and love it and let the world around you witness your strength and your beauty while you discover a new YOU. Apart from that it’s a gorgeous song and a showcase to some awesome jazzy licks on my D’Angelico guitar and even Yamaha nylon string guitar played simultaneously.”

    Popovic has been quoted as saying, “From the moment a guitar is made in the factory, to the point where I get that instrument, put the band together, arrange the material, record the songs, press it and get it out to the world, we can brighten their day. It feeds my passion and brings me purpose.” I asked her how she would describe the guitar as being an extension of the songwriter’s voice, and she told me the song “Doin This” from the new album refers to this subject.

    “Just a joy of someone owning an instrument that he/she loves and a joy of making songs and playing them to the audience. This song is giving life to an instrument like that. And a purpose! Guitar is made to a purpose bigger than we anticipate in the first place. It’s touching many hearts. Making the record POWER made me really think what is that very emotion/ feeling that I don’t want to live without? And it’s just that one thing that makes you truly happy: your passion in life, your main hobby- well that’s performing with my guitar in my hands and doing music.

    In 2020, when the world was in the throes of the pandemic, Popovic found herself in her own dire situation: diagnosed with breast cancer. Left with many uncertainties, she considered abandoning her music career. Then her bass player and musical director, Buthel Burns, told her, “You can’t retire! You’re born for this. We’ve got work to do. We need to touch people with our music.” Between 14 chemotherapy treatments and flights back and forth between L.A. and Amsterdam, where she received her treatments. Popovic and Burns connected on Zoom to write the material that became the new album. They scheduled demos, recordings, re-recordings, and live shows with her band between her treatments. She never missed a show.

    “As you can probably notice by listening to all the tracks and reading the lyrics, there are no pity-party songs on it. No dark songs. No doubts, no depressive subjects. That tells you where I was with my mental strength that the making of this record made possible. I would wake up, and on my way to the hospital talk/zoom/think: songs. When I had sleepless nights – I didn’t have many but if I did I would turn my thoughts towards the song’s arrangements and where I want which song to go.

    “I mean music just brightens your image of the world. It makes everything look and feel better. Many people openly battle depression and talk about mental health issues. The world around us is so demanding, and on top of that life throws all kinds of situations at you. And you need to swim. But you need that motor to keep you going. You need to see and recognize joy in things around you. Hold on to what your passion in life, what makes you truly happy.”

    So needless to say, this record brought my spirit the salvation it needed, and ultimately, the music and my ’64 Fender Stratocaster saved my life. I’m convinced now more than ever that guitars CAN save lives.

    “I witnessed many times how music fills people with joy- I am notorious for talking to fans after the shows. I love the feedback and I love the chat. And they always talk: ‘This concert made me so happy. I’m filled with positive energy. I was down, but you guys brought me back tonight,’ etc. But this is the first time in my career I witnessed first hand what music can do in the healing process, your spirit and body. It gives you purpose but also you feel weak. You can’t sing. Your fingers are moving slow due to chemo. My doctors had to adjust my therapy to keep the nerves intact that were going to keep me playing for many years to come. your hands are not doing what you want them to do, so what you do- you keep practicing at your own pace. Give yourself time. Time is what we have! Keep writing. Keep loving what you do. Keep improving.”

    Buthel has been in her band for five years. “Before writing with me he basically never wrote apart from a few simple blues songs. We found out that although we grew up in totally different places – Saginaw MI and Belgrade Serbia, we have same taste for music and want the same from songs and from the live show. Out upbringings were so similar although he grew up in a African american music loving family in Michigan and I in east European in Serbia. Of the other musicians, she continues, “Chris Coleman is another Saginaw MI – musician. Sagnasty, baby! Buthel and Chris grew up together. He’s one of the best drummers in the world today; played with Stevie Wonder, Beck, Chaka Khan, Prince.. Most of the tracks on the record are played by Chris. His groove is unapologetic. It’s old school but hip. He was definitely on my list of the drummers I wanted to play with and touring and recording with him was an amazing experience. Having him on the project really gave me hope for the record and an additional fuel that those songs needed.

    “Michele Papadia, with me for 17 years from Italy, sent me keys parts for the first demos of the songs and I kept them all. I didn’t let him redo them! We re-recorded everything around it but kept the original keys parts. He was complaining,- ‘Ana, I didn’t even play through a Lesley cabinet. You said demos!’ Tough luck- I’m keeping them all! Claudio Giovagnoli and Davide Ghidoni from Italy in my band for about eight years also kept sending me horn parts, and I would mix and match them with Mark Mullins parts ( New Orleans) who has been writing for me for quite a few records. I know exactly what I want to hear from the horn parts and feel very confident to pick and choose what the song needs. But it helps to get awesome parts to work with.

    “Jerry Kelley provides awesome vocal arrangements for the songs and he sings background parts on most of the songs and plays drums on two tracks. He’s my full time drummer in my band. Brandon Showtime Bland from Detroit was a great addition for hip-church-Detroit sounding hammond organ on a few tracks, and we are taking him on the road with us. We had Noelle Burns and Tasha Parker with soulful vocals from Saginaw MI, they also grew up with Buthel, so we kept it in the ‘family.’ Joe Foster is a great rhythm guitarist from Detroit. That whole Detroit scene really was a huge discovery for me. The way they play in the church/gospel scene is so incredibly unique and underestimated. It opened a whole new set of opportunities in the matter of sound for my music for sure. Very exciting.”

    There is power in unity, and the album’s message reflects that, starting with the cover. “I wanted a timeless cover. When you see the Dark Side of the moon cover – you may not even be familiar with music but you know the cover. I wanted something that matters. I want people to associate UNITY with POWER. I wanted two hands, black and white. without the title- for people to know- oh, that’s Ana’s record: POWER. And that I think that Unity’s gonna change this world for the better. Being white in polarized America and the rest of the world is either you turn a blind eye to injustice or you try to help make the world a better place for our children. It takes active upbringing of our white children (in my case) how to treat and respect other races.

    “Just the thought of black Americans having to live with an idea that they were less beautiful because of their skin tone, darker being the less favorable, is making me sick to my stomach. It’s hard to digest. All these children that think they need to adjust to be more beautiful. That’s crazy. So there’s my standpoint on that- UNITY is POWER. Unity will save this world. We need to actively try to correct what’s wrong in the world, not just stand beside and watch. Black lives matter, female suffering in the world because of religion, LGBT rights, homeless people on streets of LA. It needs to be a call for action. Starting with Unity. ‘Rise Up’ is a song I didn’t write ( Kenny Wayne Shepherd), but we did rearrange the music to carry this anthemic message of unity and making a world a better place. It’s a POWERful opening track.”

    By Lauren Leadingham / (14 Feb '23)

  • January 24, 2023

    UK DATES added MARCH '23

    JUST ANNOUNCED! Coming back to the UK this March;
    Mar 8 The Live Rooms CHESTER
    Mar 9 The Subscription Rooms STROUD
    Mar 10 O2 Academy Islington LONDON
    Mar 11 Old Brewery Store FAVERSHAM
    Mar 12 The Brook SOUTHAMPTON
    Special guest TOBY LEE


  • New studio album January 08, 2023

    New studio album 'POWER' releasing 5.5.23!

    Internationally renowned guitarist Ana Popovic has built her career on defining and describing, on her own terms, the essence of American music, simultaneously pushing limits, bending genres, and reinventing her music and herself with each new record.

    Not surprisingly, she can claim any number of notable accolades and achievements from the highest quarters of the music industry. She's shown her commitment to celebrating her guitar-driven, eclectic music style through consistent touring, awards, and recognition for the past 25 years. In the process, she's emerged as one of the most thoughtful, dynamic, and committed performers in modern songwriting and guitar.

    Ana's new album, Power, due for release on May 5, 2023, on ArtisteXclusive Records, brings those dynamics to the fore and, in the process, turns this set of songs into both a powerful and personal tale of survival through faith, determination and tenacity. They were spawned from a decidedly tricky set of circumstances that tested Ana's devotion to making music and her perseverance.

    “Power” symbolizes unity. Album cover art: two holding hands, black and white, is what this world needs. It's the power, and it's the force that's going to move this world forward. Without that power, there wouldn't have been so much remarkable music today, ideas, and reforms. And indeed, not this record. This story is about friendship and embracing yourself with everything life throws at you.

    Ana recalls, "In the fall of 2020, while the world was dealing with Covid, I found myself in a dire and devastating situation. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having lost my mom three years before the same illness, my world just crumbled. My family had just built a beautiful new home in Manhattan Beach, California. But now it seemed that everything we had looked forward to was coming to a crashing halt. "It left me with so many uncertainties. We didn't know what to do. Should we move back to Europe? Should I abandon my music career and simply stop performing? I didn't know what choices I had or what path I should take."Then, her bass player and musical director, Buthel, gave her the encouragement she needed. "You can't retire," he told her. "We've got work to do.

    Consequently, between 14 chemotherapy treatments and flights back and forth between L.A. and Amsterdam, where she received her treatments, Ana wrote the material that coalesced as the new album. Then scheduled demos, recordings, re-recordings, and live shows with her band took place between her treatments. She never missed a show. "So needless to say, this record brought my spirit the salvation it needed, and ultimately, the music and my '64 Fender Stratocaster saved my life. I'm convinced now more than ever that guitars CAN save lives."

    The songs shared on Power testify to her conviction. Recorded with an all-star line-up of topnotch musicians from Detroit, Dallas, and New Orleans, like the powerhouse drummer Chris Coleman (Beck, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder), she wrote and produced the album, which was then mixed and mastered by multi-talented Grammy Award and Dove Award-winning producer Jeremy Bishop Hicks. The results confirm the emotional investment that allowed each entry to become a testimonial to Ana's potency and prowess. With her masterful guitar solos, always in the service of the song, ranging from sizzling rock and blues guitar to smooth and sultry jazz licks, her vocals range from electrifying to soulful, Ana and company veer from hard stomping blues to relentless rhythms and searing soulful refrains. "Our sound is so eclectic - it's a gumbo of rock, blues, gospel, soul, funk. It's black AND white, like the cover of Power."

    Not surprisingly, then, several songs were spawned from emotions she felt in a profoundly personal way. She describes the relentless drive of "Doin' This" as an expression of the joy of creating something to make people happy. "In my case, it's music," she says. "From the moment a guitar is made in the factory, to the point where I get that instrument, put the band together, arrange the material, record the songs, press it and get it out to the world, we can brighten their day. It feeds my passion and brings me purpose. Chris Coleman's thunderous drumming brings this track to life, while the backing vocalists add their own touch of gospel and soul. I can't wait to play this one live."

    The striking and dynamic 'Queen of The Pack' is assertive in another way. "My band calls me 'The Boss Lady,' and it's funny to me because I don't feel that way at all," Ana maintains. "But fronting a great band — one that has a reputation of being a great band fueled by great players — always needs to live up to that renowned reputation. So, it's my job to ensure we maintain that high bar. Fronting a band or any group of people can be very demanding. You want to be their friend, but at the same time, you need them to respect you as a leader and a front person. That's especially true when you're a woman in a male-dominated world." Or, as the decidedly pointed lyric insists, crack your whip, you're the Queen of the pack, lick your wounds and never look back, get your team back on track.

    The boldly assertive “Rise Up!” transforms that singular stance into a larger and more universal perspective. Although this riveting anthem may not be an original song, the arrangements were altered to help convey a forceful message about the need for change and bringing justice to those communities that have been underserved and marginalized by society. "Mankind has only come so far, but we still have miles to go," Ana suggests. "We need to fix what's left to be fixed. We just have to do better! Don't stand in the way of progress. Don't turn a blind eye to injustice and the people that need our love and support. Support inclusiveness and unity. That's what this song is all about."

    On this record, Ana plays Fender Strats, Gibson Les Paul, D'Angelico jazz guitar, and even classical nylon string guitar. She takes the audience on a voyage from rock riffs to hard stomping blues, to fast, slick, jazzy licks to slide guitar, and more.

    Given that forthright approach, it's little wonder Ana's music continues to have such an indelible impact. Described as "one helluva guitar player" by Bruce Springsteen and has been nominated for eight Blues Music Awards. She's appeared on the covers of Vintage Guitar and Guitar Player magazines. Earlier releases, Can You Stand the Heat and Unconditional, were tapped as a "Pick-Of-The-Week" by USA Today and given prominent airplay on NPR. In addition, most of Ana's albums have climbed to the Top Five of the Billboard Blues Charts and continue to receive regular airplay on radio stations worldwide.

    Notably, Ana was the only female guitarist to be included in the 2014-2018 all-star Experience Hendrix tribute, a national tour celebrating the music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix that also included such celebrated participants as Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd, among others.

    In addition, she and her six-piece band continue to tour relentlessly, having shared stages with B.B. King, Gary Clark Jr., Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa, and many others.

    Ana was initially introduced to the blues by her father, a storied musician in Belgrade. She took up guitar as a teenager and formed her first band, Hush, in 1995. She started the Ana Popovic band in 2000 and never stopped touring. She proudly states that she has the best job in the world, and it's the only job I ever had." Ana recorded her debut album, also named Hush, in 1999 and subsequently moved to the Netherlands to study jazz guitar and other musical pursuits at the Conservatory of Music. Now affiliated with ArtisteXclusive Records, she claims no less than twelve albums in her storied catalog.

    Today she is stronger and more driven than ever before. She wants to inspire people: no matter what life throws at you, pick yourself up and come back twice as strong. She is a mother of two and is enjoying her second hobby - interior design. She's learning a new instrument - playing drums. Popovic performed 150 shows in 2020, and she's directing music videos.

    Well positioned among today's blues elite, Ana's confidence and credibility continue unabated. "Once I found myself back on my feet, everything instantly crystalized for me," she reflects. "I was able to embrace myself, reinvent myself, both my appearance and my sound. I'm ready to keep celebrating life through music. That's where I am now, and happily, I don't want to look back."

  • Azkena rock festival December 14, 2022

    Azkena rock festival

    SPAIN!!! I'm joining Iggy Pop, Lucinda Williams, Pretenders, Rancid and MANY others at the GREAT Azkena Rock Festival ARF '23! For festival details, 🎟️ and full line-up go to See you June 15, 16 and 17 in Vitoria-Gasteiz! 🤟🎸🤟

  • Living Blues Awards May 26, 2022

    Living Blues Awards

    Ana is a nominee in this year's Living Blues Awards. She is nominated for Blues Artist of the Year (Female). Anyone can vote!

  • Homecoming May 22 May 13, 2022

    Homecoming May 22 '22

    BELGRADE!! Homecoming Sunday May 22, 2022 🥰. It has been a few years (Covid 👎) so hope to see you all at Barutana (open-air).Get your tickets via

  • February 12, 2022

    We'll be livestreaming our Neighborhood Theatre show on Flymachine Thursday, February 24th! To join the virtual crowd, get your pass now at

  • Blues Rock Artist February 11, 2022

    Blues Rock Artist

    Thank you 'The Blues Foundation' nominating me for the 43nd Blues Music Awards! Being nominated Blues Rock artist of the year again is truly an honor.

  • NEW MORNING PARIS December 20, 2021


    Just announced! New Morning, Paris on April 19, 2022! April is also bringing my band to The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and all throughout France! Tickets & details on

  • Spotify in numbers December 10, 2021

    Spotify in numbers

    2021 brought 2.7 million steams over 20.000 hours of tunes and 554,300 listeners! 🙏 for connecting via Spotify everyone!

  • New YouTube channel October 03, 2021

    New YouTube channel

    Check out our brand new YouTube channel and find recent LIVE versions of Fencewalk New Coat of Paint Can You Stand the Heat Object of Obsession Love You Tonight and many more!

  • Blues Rock Artist January 28, 2021

    Blues Rock Artist

    So thrilled and honored to be nominated for the 42nd Blues Music Awards! In great company of such incredible artists. The BMAs are generally recognized as the highest honor given to blues musicians and are awarded by vote of Blues Foundation members.



    LIVE STREAM from the beautiful Paramount Theatre in Seattle! Saturday August 15th. 2PM (Pacific) 4PM (Central) 5PM (Eastern) 10PM (BST) and 11PM in the rest of Europe. While this stream is free to watch, we encourage you to donate what you can. Proceeds will benefit the Melodic Caring Project - Bringing hope to kids in hospitals. Please PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT via

  • Part of the Cordial Cables family June 24, 2020

    Part of the Cordial Cables family

    We're excited the share that Ana is now exclusively using Cordial cables! Cordial cables deliver great sound, plain and simple. No BS, no hype, no techno-speak mumbo-jumbo. Just exceptional German quality, hand-soldered Neutrik connectors and road-worthy jackets — all backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • Keeping the blues alive at sea Mediterranean May 13, 2020

    Keeping the blues alive at sea Mediterranean '21

    Ana confirmed on JOE BONAMASSA's 2021 Mediterranean cruise! Other acts include Ian Anderson presenting Jethro Tull, Walter Trout, Marc Broussard, King King, The James Hunter six and of course the one and only Joe Bonamassa. August 17 -12 '21 from Athens Greece!

  • April 20, 2020

    Ignite your Blues Firepower!

    Excited to host my very first TrueFire guitar lesson! I'll explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. You’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video lesson. You can loop or slow down the videos so that you can work with the lessons at your own pace! Pre-order today!

  • March 17, 2020

    'Live for LIVE' (CD/DVD) release!

    In the (crazy) year that sees Ana Popovic celebrating 20 years as a touring musician, the award winning guitar player, singer and songwriter releases 'Live for LIVE', an exciting hour and a half CD & DVD demonstrating why she's proudly looking back at a career of thousands of shows worldwide. This high-energy concert showcases not only Ana's mesmerizing guitar skills but also her fabulous band, successfully merging musical styles. Ana's passion on stage is so evident that the title sums it up, this is what she lives for!

    About the recording Popovic says: "Playing live is the best feeling in the world, it’s like sacred time to me. A moment my mind is free. I’m one with my guitar and when the music takes me over, it’s like fuel to my soul. My drive has always been the unconditional love to play my instrument. As a performing artist you gotta push your limits. It’s ultimately about what YOU want to achieve. And, in order to do that, you need to surround yourself with musicians that are searching for the same. Having a great band on stage with me is absolutely necessary. I get my inspiration from how well my band plays. Always striving for higher heights. This live album features an evening in France with my 6-piece band. We tried to capture some of the joy and magic that a live show brings. Can you feel it?

    She'll let you decide! Popovic can be found in a select group of excellent modern blues guitar players. She has appeared on the covers of Vintage Guitar and Guitar Player magazine. Added as the only female artist at six nation-wide Experience Hendrix tours. NPR Weekend Edition praised her "Fiery technique on the Stratocaster". Nearly all of her albums reached the top of the Billboard Blues Charts. Ana and her six-piece band have toured tirelessly, sharing stages with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and many others.

    ORDER YOUR SIGNED COPY TODAY (streetdate May 15th 2020)

  • American Blues Music Magazine March 13, 2020

    American Blues Music Magazine

    Honored to be featured on the cover of the American Blues Music Magazine. Pick up your April copy at Barnes & Noble or ask for it at your local newsstand.

  • March 11, 2020

    Midday Fix: Live music from Ana Popovic

    This morning we visited our friends at Chicago's very own WGN9

  • February 17, 2020

    LIVE Paste session

    Check out our LIVE Paste session! February 20, 11:30am EST.

  • Twenty Years on the Road with Ana Popovic February 03, 2020

    Twenty Years on the Road with Ana Popovic

    This year sees Ana Popovic celebrating 20 years as a touring musician, hitting cities all across the US and Europe.

    “It’s really hard to believe that twenty years ago, I gave up a career in graphic design, formed the Ana Popovic Band, and decided to be a full-time musician. Soon after, I traveled to Memphis to record HUSH!, my first solo release,” says the award-winning, hard-touring guitar slinger and singer speaking from her home in Los Angeles.

    “I had big dreams back then and I still dream big today.”

    "Around that time, I appeared as a special guest on tour with Michael Hill. It was my first North American tour and that springboarded me to the point where today, two decades later, I can proudly look back at a career of thousands of shows over five continents. I’ve successfully merged musical styles and inspired a new generation of guitar players male and female to start pursuing their dreams, regardless of where they were born. Sometimes, the clichés about (music) business are right. If you work hard enough and want it bad enough, you can make anything happen.”

    “It feels like just yesterday, I started this project in a garage in Belgrade. Friends and family where supportive, a try-out show at a local bar became a steady gig, and through perseverance and hard work, here we are now. To celebrate the occasion, my six-piece band is walking down memory lane playing music of all of my albums. I’m excited to play older tunes I haven't played in a while, giving ‘fans of the first hour’ that sweet 'a-ha feel’. We’re also re-recording tunes on a special 20th-anniversary studio album – one track for every year.”

    But that’s just one of the projects she has in the works for her special year:

    Ana estimates that over the years she has done about 2500 shows, and easily has another 2500 in the making. “I’ll never get tired of it,” she mentions while putting the finishing touches to her upcoming live CD / DVD recorded in France in November of last year. "When I finish with this project, the band will be waiting for me, and it will be back on the road.”

    Despite having to juggle work with family, Popovic claims she has the best job in the world. “The feeling of freedom. The energy you get from a fantastic show. The people you meet during tours, the friendships built. And the best part - losing yourself in music. Performing with a fabulous band that musically connects to every move and every idea you bring to the stage, while sparking their own musical background to bring out the best in all of us.”

    “It’s the little things of a life on the road that give me thrills like they did back when I started. When you think about it, there’s really no work that will give you two decades of job-security. If someone told me back then that I would be doing an average of 120 shows, 20 years straight I would have thought they were out of their minds!”

    Today, you’ll find Popovic in a select group of excellent modern blues guitar players. One reason could be the fact that she’s always willing to work a little harder and travel a little further to hone her craft. That dedication has resulted in 12 albums, two DVDs, six nationwide Experience Hendrix tours, six Blues Music Awards nominations and sharing the stage with legends B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Gary Clark, Joe Bonamassa and many others.

    The 20th Anniversary tour kick-offs on February 19 in Atlanta, GA. During the trek, Ana and her band make stops in and around cities including New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake, and Portland. In Europe Ana will perform in Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Munich and Cologne.

  • October 25, 2019

    Gettin’ ready to fire up these babies. Doug West (artist representative at MESA/Boogie) has been more than generous to send these beauties my way. Filmore 100 // California tweed // Mark V Thank you!!

  • Experience Hendrix May 08, 2019

    Experience Hendrix '19 continues!

    West-coast get ready! Ana re-joins the ALL-STAR CONCERT EVENT OF THE YEAR. October 5 - 15. Celebrating the music of Jimi Hendrix with Billy Cox, Joe Satriani, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Doug Pinnick (King's X), Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Mato Nanji, Kenny Aronoff, The Slide Brothers, Kevin McCormick, Taj Mahal, Ernie Isley, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos).

    Oct 5 Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Reno, NV
    Oct 7 Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, Davis, CA
    Oct 8 Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa, CA
    Oct 9 City National Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
    Oct 11 Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, Indio, CA
    Oct 12 Harrah's Resort SoCal - The Events Center, Funner, CA
    Oct 13 Ikeda Theater at Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ
    Oct 15 Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO 


  • UK Tour! May 2019 October 22, 2018

    UK Tour! May 2019

    Following the release of 'Like It On Top', guitarist and singer songwriter Ana Popovic announces a nationwide UK Tour. Tickets on sale via or the 24-hour box office +44 (0) 844 478 0898. For inquiries regarding press and photos please contact Noble PR.




    May 2 Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Cheltenham
    May 3 The Globe, Cardiff
    May 4 The Live Rooms, Chester
    May 5 The Deaf Institute, Manchester
    May 7 The Cluny, Newcastle
    May 8 Oran Mor, Glasgow
    May 9 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
    May 10 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
    May 11 Borderline, London

  • Experience Hendrix is back October 15, 2018

    Experience Hendrix is back

    The Experience Hendrix tour is BACK! Ana proudly joins the ALL-STAR CONCERT EVENT OF THE YEAR March 3 - 12. Celebrating the music of Jimi Hendrix with Billy Cox, Joe Satriani, Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Doug Pinnick (King's X), Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Mato Nanji, Kenny Aronoff, The Slide Brothers, Kevin McCormick, Taj Mahal, Ernie Isley, David Hidalgo and Cesar Rosas (Los Lobos).

    March 3 Pompano Beach Amphitheater, Pompano Beach, FL
    March 4 Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
    March 5 Maxwell C King Center, Melbourne, FL
    March 6 The Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, FL
    March 8 North Charleston Performing Arts Center, North Charleston, SC
    March 9 The Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
    March 10 Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN
    March 11 Von Braun Center Concert Hall, Huntsville, AL
    March 12 Tivoli Theatre, Chattanooga, TN

  • Like It On Top Billboard September 25, 2018

    Like It On Top Billboard's #2

    Like It On Top #2 US Best Selling Blues Albums, The Billboard chart!

  • #2! September 17, 2018


    Like It On Top opening on #2 at the iTunes top 40 US Blues Albums!

  • Welcome to the world September 14, 2018

    Welcome to the world 'LIKE IT ON TOP'

    TODAY IS THE DAY! Thank you producer Keb' Mo'! Guest artists Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Robben Ford. Studio musicians Akil Thompson (rhythm guitar), Mike B. Hicks (keys and background vocals), Eric Ramey (bass), Marcus Finnie (drums), Tommy Sims (drums, bass) Roland Barber (trombone), Evan Cobb (saxophone), Josh Harner (trumpet), Jason Eskridge (background vocals), Moiba Mustapha (background vocals).
    Thanks to my band for making the songs come to life Joe Ashlar (keys), Michele Papadia (keys), Brad Walker (saxophone), Jon Ramm (trombone), Claudio Giovagnoli (sax), Davide Ghidoni (trumpet) Buthel Bass (bass), Favor Goodiam (drums).
    Thanks for the artwork & design Stéphane Kerrad and Michael Roud Photography.
    Thank you helping write great songs Keb'Mo, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tommy Sims, Mark van Meurs, Kevin So, Graham Keith Gouldman, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Lisa Aschmann. Recording engineers Zach Allen and Alex Jarvis. Mixer Mills Logan, Infrasonic Mastering (Dave Gardner).
    Thanks for booking Paradigm Talent Agency (USA, Canada, Asia & Australia), ArtisteXclusive booking (Europe), Neil O'Brien Entertainment (UK), Le Bruit Qui Pense (France), Slang Music (Italy).
    Thank you for publicity Shore Fire Media (USA), Bureau de presse de Sophie Louvet (FR), LET IT BUZZ / Bruno Labati (France), Uwe Kerkau Promotion (DE).
    Thanks for distributing City Hall Records (US and Canada), in-akustik GmbH & CO. KG (Europe exclusive France) Socadisc Distribution (France), BSMF RECORDS (Japan).
    Thank you Elizabeth Leigh Brannon for production and project mngnt.
    Thanks artisteXclusive mngnt & records!
    Sorry for those I might have forgotten but your work shines!

    Yes it takes a team of afford to get a release going & although we understand it soon be only one free download click away, we hope you'll go and support your LOCAL music-store instead! Or -even better- come to a show to pick one up! Otherwise go to our online store to get your SIGNED copy send home.... And then there always is iTunes
    E N J O Y the music!

  • Popovic delivers the Goods September 11, 2018

    Popovic delivers the Goods

    "Shades of Steely Dan meet hardcore funk and blues" "Popovic delivers a strong performance with juicy guitar licks, funky rhythms and spot on, lively vocals." Thanks for the review PARADE Magazine!

  • August 10, 2018

    'Lasting Kind of Love' premiered via

    Thanks Recording Academy / GRAMMYs for exclusively premiere my new music video LASTING KIND OF LOVE ft. Keb' Mo'!

  • Ana Popovic Likes It On Top: New Album Focuses on Empowered, Successful, Inspiring Female Role Models August 08, 2018

    Ana Popovic Likes It On Top: New Album Focuses on Empowered, Successful, Inspiring Female Role Models

    Ana Popovic, the blues and rock guitarist and singer who is one of the world's most respected players, will release 'Like It On Top,' a concept album in which she explores ten different aspects of women's empowerment on ten new songs. Just off a series of major European festivals, Popovic is on the road for a 35-date US tour.

    Recorded in Nashville, Tenn., and produced by four-time Grammy winner Keb' Mo', the blues influenced album features guest appearances from Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robben Ford and Keb' Mo,' and will be released worldwide Sept. 14.

    "Being on top" is about achieving your own potential. Succeeding in juggling work, family, social life, expectations of the others, of the society, while pushing limits. Renewing yourself and inspiring others."

    'Like It On Top' celebrates those women who take initiative, develop, inspire and motivate. It's about feeling good about yourself and what you do." Its ten songs cover topics that are partly autobiographical and partly broader statements aimed at every women -- desire and fantasy, feeling empowered about your craft, confronting dominant macho male attitudes, escaping an abusive marriage, and how to have a strong man as your partner.

    But it also credits the men who are motivated and enlightened enough to support women in their quest to be their best versions of themselves. The first single, "Like It On Top," emphasizes that behind every strong, successful woman stands the man that understands the importance of having women be leaders in society. And the final track, the gentle "Honey I'm Home," gives a shout-out to an ever-growing number of families in which men give up their careers to support a woman's career.

    "I hope that my music inspires others to motivate ladies all over the world to be successful, energetic, empowered women on a mission, and to motivate men to give them that chance," Popovic says. "The majority of women need to work harder than men to prove themselves or need to cope with a feeling of constant pressure to never make a mistake and be perfect. I believe that women no longer only have the right to earn a living and to take care of themselves and their families."

    Ana Popovic has been moving West all her life. She fell in love with American blues as a kid, starting back home in Belgrade, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) during the fall of Communism, then moved to the Netherlands to study at the conservatory of jazz and world-music. She lived in Amsterdam for over ten years, and then in a single-minded pursuit of her art and career, she relocated to Memphis, TN to record and work with Southern musicians. Finally, two years ago, she moved her family to Los Angeles, California where she now lives.

    "The time has come to step it up," Popovic says. "Becoming the outstanding leaders of tomorrow. Corner-office ladies in business, politics, and the electric guitar!"

    Ana has recorded 9 studio album and been nominated for six Blues Music Awards, and has appeared on the covers of Vintage Guitar and Guitar Player magazines. Her albums 'Can You Stand The Heat' and 'Unconditional' were USA Today Picks-Of-The-Week and featured on NPR Weekend Edition, who praised her "Fiery technique on the [Stratocaster] . Nearly all of Ana's albums reached the top of the Billboard Blues Charts. She and her six-piece band have toured tirelessly, sharing stages with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Joe Bonamassa and many others.


    For hi.res. press photos & album artwork visit



    With 'LIKE IT ON TOP' (worldwide release September 14, 2018) Ana Popovic Music & ArtisteXclusive mngnt team up with Shore Fire Media. For more info contact Andrea Evenson via  

  • Home coming! June 19, 2018

    Home coming!

    Bašta SKC-a Beograd! Fri, 06. July / 21:00. Get your tickets HERE.

  • With Jeff Beck in Madrid May 24, 2018

    With Jeff Beck in Madrid

    JUST announced! With JEFF BECK at Noches Del Botanico Fest. June 29th, Madrid Spain.


  • Special guest Robben Ford February 06, 2018

    Special guest Robben Ford

    In the studio with one of my all time favorite guitarist Robben Ford! (Miles Davis, Joni Mitchell, George Harrison etc.) It's a dream come true to have Robben as SPECIAL GUEST on my new upcoming album produced by four-time Grammy winner Keb' Mo'!

  • recording new album January 04, 2018

    recording new album

    Second day at the studio making MAGIC with these monster players! From left to right: Akil Thompson (rhythm guitar), Keb' Mo', Michael B. Hicks (keys), Ana, Eric Ramey (bass), Marcus Finnie (drums).

  • Keb December 12, 2017

    Keb' Mo' producing new album

    Honored to be teaming up with 3x GRAMMY Award-Winning (13 x nominated!) singer, guitarplayer, songwriter & producer Keb' Mo'!! Keb' is truly one of my favorite (and yours!) bluesman of today. Such privilege he'll be producing my new album. Pre-production in full swing. Hittin' the studio in January. Expect great things!!

  • Ana at Notodden blues fest. 18 November 30, 2017

    Ana at Notodden blues fest. 18

    Just announced!! Notodden Blues Festival Fri. August 3, 2018. Ser deg snart Norge!

  •  Marseille Jazz des cinq continents September 07, 2017

    Marseille Jazz des cinq continents

    Did you miss us at the Marseille Jazz des cinq continentsEnjoy the full concert via Arte Concert!

  • June 24, 2017

    Hvala svima

    My view last night at Arsenal Fest. Serbia got some cool & hip festivals and Arsenal is one of the best! Hvala svima!


  • Tampa Bay with Buddy Guy April 07, 2017

    Tampa Bay with Buddy Guy

    Thanks to Buddy Guy and his fabulous band for an awesome jam tonight. And thanks to Tampa Bay Blues Fest! We had a blast! (Photo: Rick Lewis)

  • Wild funk blues April 03, 2017

    Wild funk blues

    Thanks Joe Bonamassa & team for featuring 'She was a Doorman' as Video of the Week on! The admiration is mutual to say the least and having Joe play on my latest album TRILOGY was one of the highlights of my recording career.
    See you on Joe's Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise '18!

  • Top 50 Sensational Female Guitarists March 31, 2017

    Top 50 Sensational Female Guitarists

    Check out the new Guitar Player Magazine '50 Sensational Female Guitarists' - so honored to be a part of this. Get your copy today!

  • Special offer! February 28, 2017

    Special offer!

    Get your signed ‘TRILOGY’ (3-CD set) and ‘BLUE ROOM’ for only $40 - That’s $10 per album! Then, to top it all off, we’ll add a set of custom guitar picks! Go to the store and order today.

  • September 27, 2016


    Super excited to be back at The Guitar Event Of The Year! 
    2017 EXPERIENCE HENDRIX TOUR - Tickets on sale 9/30/16
    For Full Details Visit :


  • September 05, 2016

    Australian Debut

    'Shredding' my way down the Australian east coast in September!


    Check out the radio announcement on Melbourne's Progressive Broadcasting station PBS station 106.7FM 

  • Touring the UK July 08, 2016

    Touring the UK

    UK festival promoters and venue owners... For '16 / '17 bookings now contact Neil O'Brien Entertainment /

  • June 20, 2016

    Trilogy custom guitar pick

    Thanks Jim Dunlop Guitar Products for my awesome new Trilogy custom guitar picks! Available in the store.


  • June 12, 2016

    The critics about Trilogy

    'Trilogy, an epic new three-album set' 
    - Guitar World

    'The Fearless Blues Burner refuses to play it safe' 
    - Guitar Player Magazine

    '★ ★ ★ ★'
    - DownBeat Magazine

    'With Trilogy, Popovic has created her masterpiece, one that critics and fans will find powerful, entertaining, and inspiring.'
    - AmericanBluesScene

    Get your copy TODAY!


  • Trilogy Top 10 Blues Albums Chart / Billboard June 01, 2016

    Trilogy Top 10 Blues Albums Chart / Billboard

    Billboard charts never looked this exciting! 'Trilogy' is among the 'creme de la creme' or the 'heavy weights'! Way to go Ana Popovic Music and artisteXclusive records! 

  • May 18, 2016 releases 'You Got the Love' musicvideo

    When Bruce Springsteen calls you "one helluva guitar player," you must be doing something right. So it goes for Ana Popovic, the fiery female guitarist bringing a potent energy to the blues/funk rock style. Popovic has outdone herself on her newest release Trilogy, packing a punch into each of the twenty-five songs featured on the album.

    Due out at the end of this week, Popovic has shared one of her glorious new tracks with us. "Making this video was as fun as making the entire album," she says. "'You Got The Love' is how I feel about Trilogy. I had such a great time making this record and I can't wait to share it with the world!"

    Check out the video for "You Got The Love," below, exclusively via Live for Live Music.



  • Artwork Trilogy March 08, 2016

    Artwork Trilogy

    Check out the TRILOGY cover! Release May 20 2016.     Pre-order TODAY!

  • January 25, 2016

    TRILOGY: three albums in one

    Belgrade-born, L.A.-based guitarist Ana Popovic is about to WOW her fans with her most ambitious project yet. With ‘TRILOGY’ (out May 2016) Ana releases three albums in one! Twenty-three blues, jazz & funk tunes produced by Grammy Award winner Warren Riker (Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana), Grammy Award winner Tom Hambridge (Buddy Guy, Susan Tedeschi) and Delfeayo Marsalis, one of the top trombonists, composers and producers in jazz today. Guest appearances include Joe BonamassaRobert Randolph, Bernard Purdie (The Purdie Shuffle), Cody Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars), rapper Al Capone and many others.

    The only female guitarist part of the ‘all-star’ Experience Hendrix ’14 and ’16 line-up about her upcoming record: “In an era where most are skeptic about the current state and future of the music industry, I wanted TRILOGY to tell a different story. The record biz might be broken and Spotify might rip us off, but that can’t keep an artist down. Creativity is very much alive, and music is the celebration of life.’

    TRILOGY highlights in musicianship. Ana’s agile shredding and soulful voice, showing you don’t need Southern roots to create fiery blues, jazz or funk.

    “Ana Popovic is one helluva a guitar-player.”
    - Bruce Springsteen
    “Ana rocks the blues in fine, fine fashion.“
    - Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)

    Release: artisteXclusive records / Promotion: Big Hassle Media - Emily Ginsberg / Distribution: City Hall Records (US & Canada) in-akustik (Germany), verycords (France).

  • Ana teams up with Big Hassle Media January 24, 2016

    Ana teams up with Big Hassle Media

    For Ana's anticipated studio album ’TRILOGY’ (worldwide release May 2016) Ana Popovic Music & ArtisteXclusive Mngnt team up with Big Hassle Media, one of the music industry's leading publicity agencies. For all media inquiries please contact Emily Ginsberg via or 319.321.0919


    Big Hassle 40 Exchange Pl, Ste. 1900. New York, NY 10005. / 3685 Motor Ave Suite 240. Los Angeles, CA  P. 212.619.1360

    The APB-team is very much looking forward to this exciting new cooperation!


  • Experience Hendrix tour is back! October 27, 2015

    Experience Hendrix tour is back!

    Buddy Guy, Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Keb’Mo, Doyle Bramhall, Chris Layton, Ana Popovic, Mato Nanji, Noah Hunt, Henri Brown and Billy Cox celebrate the music & legacy of Jimi Hendrix!

    Look for Ana at:

    For all tour dates visit


  • Recording in New Orleans October 05, 2015

    Recording in New Orleans

    Working ambitiously on a full length studio album w/ multi platinum Grammy winning producer Warren Riker (Ms. Lauryn Hill, Carlos Santana) at the legendary Esplanade Studios in New Orleans! L2R: Ivan Neville (keys), George Porter Jr. (bass), Big D (rhythm guitar), Warren Riker (producer), Ana, Raymond Weber (drums).

  • new wheels September 15, 2015

    new wheels

    Ana Popovic and the band got a GREAT new ride!! - But we couldn't have done it without your support; our dear fans and friends around the world!

  • Hanging with the queen May 24, 2015

    Hanging with the queen

    Ana & Bonnie Raitt at the backstage of the Santa Cruz American Music Festival! (May 2015)

  • Signed by father & daughter Popovic May 16, 2015

    Signed by father & daughter Popovic

    Looking for a father's day gift? BLUE ROOM signed by father & daughter Popovic. Exclusively via

  • April 21, 2015

    ABS releases 'Catfish Blues' off new album Blue Room

    Thanks American Blues Scene for the WORLD premiere of 'Catfish Blues', the opening track of BLUE ROOM! Release May 19, 2015 on ArtisteXclusive records!





    My dad Milton is the reason I’m into music. It was his impressive blues and soul collection and nightly jam sessions in our modest apartment on the 11th floor in New-Belgrade, Serbia that kept me awake at night and drawn to this great form of American art.

    It was on my to-do list for quite some time to record with Milton. I wanted to record the songs we use to play together while I was still living at home. As a memory of my youth days but also to give people, who are into my music, an idea of how and where things started.

    I’m a 3rd generation of guitar players. Milton’s father Mika played guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt. He would often take Milton to the fairgrounds to hear the gypsies play. Milton got into blues in the late 60’s and was so inspired by the American music. He learned English from records and music magazines. He never had a single English lesson.

    Listening to my dad, his smooth voice and slow-hand guitar playing was an every-day thing. As a kid I didn’t think much of it and didn’t compare him to any artists either - simply because he’s ‘just’ my dad. Him being modest about it didn’t help either. He would say - «Ooh, this is just a hobby» and «I’m not good at it». But, by the time I moved around the world - over Amsterdam and New Orleans to Memphis TN - I’ve listened to many different artists, but I still couldn’t really find anyone sounding quite like Milton… The coolest versions of Jimmy Reed, Sonny Terry & Brownie, Mc Gee or Albert King to me were still the versions I’ve long ago heard at home - in Serbia.

    It took ten years to convince him to record an album together. At last I got him to the studio with an argument he could not reject: ‘Just do it for your grandchildren.’ He did. With producer Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Carlos Santana) Dave Smith (bass) and Steve Potts (Drums - Gregg Allman band). We started recording songs we really love. Roots blues and great songwriters.

    This album might be the most personal record I’ve done. It gives the audience a peek into my living room. The little secluded part of the apartment, stacked with amps, guitars and music magazines we used to call: ‘Blue Room’. We invite the listeners to our Blue Room for a private father - daughter jam session!

    - - - 

    BLUE ROOM - Ana & Milton Popovic
    Release: 5/19/15 - artisteXclusive records

    Useful links:

    Album one sheet
    Hi. res press-photo
    Hi.res. cover

    LABEL : Mark van Meurs /
    PROMO: Bob Merlis /
    RADIO (USA): David Avery /
    FB: (Ana) (Milton)
    BOOKING: (US & Canada) Monterey International /
    BOOKING: (Europe) ArtisteXclusive bookings

  • New album March 12, 2015

    New album 'BLUE ROOM' releases May 19, 2015

    It took ten years for Ana Popovic to convince her father Milton to record an album together. At last she got him to the studio with an argument he could not reject: ‘Just do it for your grandchildren.’ He did. The result is a new and impressive CD from daughter and dad Popovic, called BLUE ROOM.

    Back to the so-called 'blue room' of Ana’s childhood - a small secluded part stacked with amps and guitars in a modest apartment on the eleventh floor in New Belgrade (Serbia). Back to the place where Milton introduced his impressive blues and soul collection to his daughter. Back to the evenings with friends when father used to take his guitar to play songs at house parties and jam sessions which filled the apartment with his smooth voice and enchanting sound. Back to the time when Ana learned about the secrets of blues, soul and rock. And so, overwhelmed by the beauty of the sound, decided for a musicians life.

    Now, together united on a surprising CD produced by Jim Gaines (Stevie Ray Vaughn, Santana) Ana and Milton play and sing songs they used to play in the days before. 

    "By the time I moved around the world, over Amsterdam and New Orleans to Memphis, I’ve listened to a lot of different artists all over and couldn’t really find anyone sounding quite like Milton."
    - Ana Popovic

  • Le Tour de France February 23, 2015

    Le Tour de France

    Une héroïne du blues moderne. Plusieurs fois nommée et récompensée en tant que meilleure artiste Blues Contemporaine, Ana Popovic est en tournée mondiale et passe par la France. Prochaines dates françaises:

    08/04 - NILVANGE (57) Le Geulard Plus
    09/04 - PARIS (75) Café De La Danse
    10/04 - SAINT RAPHAEL (83) Espace Félix Martin [SOLD OUT]
    11/04 - MONTPELIER (34) Victoire 2
    12/04 - PERPIGNAN (66) El Mediator
    14/04 - LYON (67) Le Transbordeur
    15/04 - VAUREAL (95) Le Forum
    16/04 - LOMME (59) Jazz en Nord [SOLD OUT]
    17/04 - LOMME (59) Jazz en Nord [SOLD OUT]
    18/04 - BELFORT (90) Le Granit [SOLD OUT]

  • Keeping the blues alive at sea February 20, 2015

    Keeping the blues alive at sea

    Loved sailing Miami, Key West and Nassau in such fine, FINE company! Thanks Joe Bonamassa, Roy Weisman, Sixthman, all the amazing artists but most of all the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruisers for making this a great, memorable trip!

  • New shows announced with BUDDY GUY November 23, 2014

    New shows announced with BUDDY GUY

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, 6 x GRAMMY and 28 x Blues Music Awards winning legend Buddy Guy and Ana are teaming up again! For details go to: MICHIGAN THEATER, ANN ARBOR, MI (Mar 18) RIALTO SQUARE THEATRE, JOlIET, IL (Mar 21)

  • Touring Germany, Belgium & Switzerland November 07, 2014

    Touring Germany, Belgium & Switzerland

    Upcoming tour-dates in Germany, Belgium & Switzerland. Get your tickets before it's too late! Line-up: Ana: lead guitar & vocals, Michele Papadia: keys + b-vocals, Carlton Armstrong: bass + b-vocals, Stephane Avellaneda: drums
    Nov 21 BM-cultura,Bergheim, DE
    Nov 22 Musiktheater Piano, Dortmund, DE
    Nov 23 Live Proberaum, Zülpich, DE
    Nov 24 Spirit of 66, Verviers, BE
    Nov 25 Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, DE
    Nov 27 Musiktheater REX, Bensheim, DE
    Nov 28 Cellarium, Knittlingen, DE
    Nov 29 Moods, Zurich, CH
    Nov 30 Reithalle, Rastatt, DE



    In the wake of a wildly successful twenty-five date national excursion this past March and April, the Experience Hendrix Tour is set to launch another trek across the U.S. in September and October. Ana is honored to be added to the line-up again! Look for Ana Popovic at:

    Visit for complete tour itinerary and ticket information.

  • Keeping the blues alive at sea April 28, 2014

    Keeping the blues alive at sea

    Ana is excited to Keep the Blues Alive at Sea! A journey across the Caribbean with Joe BonamassaJohn HiattRobben Ford, Robert Randolph & The Family Band and Joanne Shaw Taylor. Tickets are on sale NOW! Check out the details via

  • Ana rocks BRAZIL April 08, 2014

    Ana rocks BRAZIL

    Exclusive debut (.....and about time too!) Ana rocks BRAZIL May 9th, 2014, WTC Golden Hall Sao Paulo Best of Blues Festival Phenomenal Line-up includes Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Joss Stone, Jonny Lang & Trombone Shorty. VENHA BRASIL.

  • Experience Hendrix 2014 March 31, 2014

    Experience Hendrix 2014

    Thought we'd share some recent notices now that Ana has been part of the Experience Hendrix tour, joining such notables as Buddy Guy, Billy Cox, Dweezil Zappa, Aerosmith's Brad Whitford, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Double Trouble's Chris Layton, Mato Nanji and other top players.  

    Some press notices that mention Ana in a glowing light and, yes, she does sparkle: 

    "Popovic, in a sparkly dress and red high, high heels, entered to wolf whistles. Her strong, saucy vocals complimented her mesmering guitar skills."
    - Citizens' Voice

    "As musicians rotated on and off stage freely and swirling, psychedelic lights and pictures of Hendrix filled the video screen, Popovic, attracting lots of attention in her sparkly dress and high heels, then tore into 'House Burning Down' and 'Can You See Me.'"
    - Wilkes Barre Times Leader 

    "Pure Ana is scary good."
    - Cleveland Plain Dealer

    But, more importantly, perhaps, are Ana's own thoughts on her getting to be a part of the annual celebration of Jimi Hendrix.  We asked her to share her thoughts and she wrote the following:

    "Experience Hendrix is more than I ever expected it to be - and I had high expectations. This is, contrary to what people expect, a summit of the kindest, modest, down to earth people, who happen to be killer guitar players, bass players and drummers on stage. There's no such thing as 'head cutting,' as some might assume. No one is trying to outplay the other, we're all in this together. They're all gentleman on and off stage showing their respect to each other and -- what's most important -- showing their 'A' game because of Jimi. It's as if you're on a mission to keep Jimi's spirit alive and, more that anything, to play those songs - those masterpieces - the way they were meant to be played- the very best way you can. Bring out the best in you. Not for the people, not for your self, but for Jimi.

    The tour is very well led by a great crew who put it together and who make sure we're all happy, both on and off stage : Janie Hendrix and John McDermott. They make sure we all feel comfortable, at ease, we get enough time to go over the songs. They even know the personalities and have (secretly) divided the busses into the 'wild one' and a 'quiet one'. LOL :-) I'm in the 'quiet one' together with Dweezil, Doyle, Tony, Billy, Stan and Dani. Chris Layton is on the 'wild one' :-))

    Back in the bus we watched Jimi's DVD ' Hear My Train A Comin' that almost brought tears to my eyes. With so little time he did so much, leaving behind the ultimate rock history performances of all times. Watching his masterful performance of closing Woodstock at 9AM  just leaves you speechless. 

    I think for all of us it's great to get of our own tour schedule, our own tour busses, our recording studios and our own comfort zones, take time to remember what Jimi did, to play and listen to his songs again and again, night after night, you get into the zone and forget about the rest of the world for a second and relive the energy.

    It is truly an honor to be a part of this and, as far as I'm concerned, it's the tour of the year for me." 

  • March 19, 2014

    Can you see me

    With an exclusive debut today at, Ana Popovic serves up a new video of her fiery version of Jimi Hendrix's "Can You See Me." The jumping', slide-guitar driven track also kicks off Popovic's participation in the 2014 Experience Hendrix Tour, in which she shares the stage with Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Brad Whitford (Aerosmith), Zakk Wylde, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Eric Johnson and Dweezil Zappa.

    "I've always found it challenging to cover Hendrix tunes," says Popovic of the "Can You See Me" video. "There is really not much you can do. His tunes are already worked out to their max ‹ the arrangements, the guitarlines, the lyrics, his vocals. In this particular tune, what I didn't want to change was the energy Hendrix had going ‹ that frantic energy and excitement ‹ but, for me, it always was leaning towards a slide song. And I saw that as a window to add something that is mine, and make it different, while still paying homage to Jimi.

    "'Can You See Me' is a hip song of someone longing for someone's love. Screaming guitars, crying for his ‹ or her ‹ attention. The song is so powerful in its simplicity. It's a stripped-down, straight-to-the-point rock tune. I first fell in love with the song when I was six or seven years old, when it was playing in a music video of California artist Denny Dent making a portrait of Hendrix. True art is how I experience Hendrix. Hendrix was all-in-one: Motion, Sound, Poetry. He is timeless."

    Ana Popovic Experience Hendrix Tour Dates

  • Crown Workshop & Festival February 24, 2014

    Crown Workshop & Festival

    Join Ana Popovic at the Crown Workshop & Festival August 24 – 31, 2014 at the beautiful ranch of the Averill family, the Flathead Lake Lodge in Bigfork, MT. Watch Ana together with Mike Stern, David Leisner, Shelby Lynne, John Oates and Lee Ritenour teach and perform!

  • Ana Popovic on tour with Robert Randolph February 04, 2014

    Ana Popovic on tour with Robert Randolph

    Ana Popovic and Robert Randolph announce three West Coast dates! Feb. 26 at the Belly Up in Solana Beach (CA), Feb. 27 at the Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano (CA) and Feb. 28 at the The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills (CA). Come on out!

  • Rocking the Caribbean January 27, 2014

    Rocking the Caribbean

    Thanks for Rockin' the Caribbean MO' BETTER LOVE band! Ana Popovic: guitar + lead vocals, Tony Coleman: drums + b-vocals, John Williams: bass + b-vocals, Frank Ray Jr: hammond B3 + b-vocals, Joe Restivo: rhythm guitar, Kirk Smothers: saxophone, E.J. Dyce: trumpet, Sharisse and Shontelle Norman: backing vocals / at the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise! (photo: Tenney Mason)

  • Rock January 16, 2014

    Rock 'N' Roll Blues Fantasy Camp

    Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp is hosting its second annual Blues edition of the popular camp on April 10-13, 2014 in Las Vegas! Join Ana, Grammy Award winner Jonny Lang, John Popper (Blues Traveler), Eric Gales and Walter Trout! Come and spend four days rehearsing, jamming, recording and performing live on the Crossroads Stage at the House of Blues inside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

  • European summer-tour July January 06, 2014

    European summer-tour July '14

    The Ana Popovic band announces an extensive European summer-tour in July 2014! For bookings and details contact Mark van Meurs / ArtisteXclusive via info(@) or leave us a message on the contactpage.

  • Contemporary Blues Female Artist December 12, 2013

    Contemporary Blues Female Artist

    Thank you The Blues Foundation for nominating me for 'Contemporary Blues Female Artist' of the year! Other nominees are Beth Hart, Bettye LaVette, Susan Tedeschi and Candye Kane. It's an honor ladies! Congratulations to all the nominees. See you in Memphis on May 8th at The Blues Music Awards & don't forget to VOTE!

  • EXPERIENCE HENDRIX TOUR November 23, 2013


    Ana celebrates the Music and legacy of Jimi Hendrix! From March 23rd till April 3rd, 2014 on-tour with Billy Cox, Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Bootsy Collins, Dweezil Zappa, Eric Johnson, Doyle Bramhall II, Chris Layton, Eric Gales, and Mato Nanji.
    visit for the tour dates and details!

  • Ana on-tour with Buddy Guy October 31, 2013

    Ana on-tour with Buddy Guy

    It's truly an honor to share the stage with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, 6 x GRAMMY and 28 x Blues Music Awards winning legend Buddy Guy again! Come to Atlanta Symphony Hall on February 13, Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, TX on March 6 or the House of Blues in Houston, TX on March 7. More dates to be announced!

  • Ana performing with Jonny Lang October 14, 2013

    Ana performing with Jonny Lang

    Just announced: February 14th 2014 JONNY LANG & ANA POPOVIC - Looking for a special Valentine's treat? Here's something that rocks!

  • Thank you Tokyo! October 10, 2013

    Thank you Tokyo!

    Thank you Tokyo for the six wonderful shows at the COTTON CLUB! Thanks for making us feel so welcome and for supporting our music. SEE YOU AGAIN REAL SOON!! Didn't get a chance to get a record? Go to BSMF RECORDS and get it online!

  • Ana on Monterey International September 24, 2013

    Ana on Monterey International

    Very proud & excited to be a new part of the Monterey International family! Monterey is exclusively representing Ana Popovic in North America, Canada, Asia & Australia. It's a great privilege to share the roster with Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, Dr. John, Jonny Lang, Keb' Mo', Robert Randolph, Taj Mahal, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Van Morrison and Aaron Neville to name a few… 

    For North America & Canadian bookings contact Garry Buck ( or Alex Buck (
    For Asia & Australia contact Paul Goldman (

  • Ana on the cover of the Ultimate Gear Guide July 25, 2013

    Ana on the cover of the Ultimate Gear Guide '13

    Thank you Guitar Player Magazine & Bass Player Magazine for having me on the cover of the 2013 Ultimate Guide to Guitar & Bass Gear! - 'Cover artist Ana Popovic on playing better blues.' YOU BET!

  • July 11, 2013

    Jammin' with Warren Haynes

    One of the highlights of the Mo' Better Love Tour. It doesn't get much better than jammin' with Warren, Tony Coleman and Gov't Mule. Thank you guys!
    And thanks to the 'Pivo i Cvetje Festival' Laško, Slovenia.

  • Unique July 05, 2013

    Unique 'Heat' Guitar pick

    Get your new and unique 'Can you Stand The Heat' Guitar pick TODAY via Ana's online merchandise store!

  • Ana on the cover of Twoj Blues Magazine June 16, 2013

    Ana on the cover of Twoj Blues Magazine

    Check out the June issue of Twoj Blues Magazine! Cover story by Zosia Matysik.


  • Ana Popovic & Mo’ Better Love hit Europe June 07, 2013

    Ana Popovic & Mo’ Better Love hit Europe

    Ana Popovic and the nine-piece power blues and funk machine Mo’ Better Love hit Europe! With AP & Mo’ Better Love, Ana fronts a musical collaboration with Tony Coleman (drummer BB King) and John Williams on bass (Al Green). Throw in the mix a rhythm guitar, B-3 Organ, horn section and background singers and you have One Helluva’ All-Star Blues & Funk Orchestra.


  • Ana on the cover of Vintage Guitar magazine June 05, 2013

    Ana on the cover of Vintage Guitar magazine

    Check out the August issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine! Cover story by Ward Meeker. Photo by Mark Goodman.

  • Ana on NPR May 18, 2013

    Ana on NPR

    On National Public Radio Ana discusses her new record and falling in love with American blues as a kid — well before she could understand the words — with NPR's Scott Simon. NPR programming reaches 26 million listeners every week.


  • Ana Popovic & Mo May 04, 2013

    Ana Popovic & Mo' Better Love rock Jazz Fest '13

    Ana Popovic and her 9-piece 'Mo' Better Love' project w/ longtime B.B. King drummer Tony Coleman and bassist John Williams (Al Green) wowed a New Orleans Jazz Fes crowd. New Orleans leading newspaper 'The Times-Picayune' opened: Ana Popovic and Mo' Better Love fires up the Blues Tent

    From the article by Laura McKnight, | The Times-Picayune:
    'Popovic's last song, a cover of Albert King's "Can't You See What You're Doing to Me," bewitched the crowd, an appropriate end to an electrifying set. Almost every person in the tent standing, applause still thundered for minutes after she left the stage.

    "It was a must-see show for me," said Fred Mackey of Houston, who has seen Popovic perform twice in Houston. "She was in total control and she just blew it away."
    "It's probably the best of 2013 Jazz Fest," Mackey said, then added, "No doubt the best."

  • Ana popovic and Relix Magazine release Object of Obsession music video May 03, 2013

    Ana popovic and Relix Magazine release Object of Obsession music video

    Ana and Relix Magazine release Ana's new smokin' music-video 'Object Of Obsession' from the album Can You Stand The Heat. ENJOY!

  • Can You Stand The Heat debuts #7 on The Heatseekers charts May 02, 2013

    Can You Stand The Heat debuts #7 on The Heatseekers charts

    The week's top-selling albums by new -or developing- acts, defined as those who have never appeared on the top 100 of the Billboard 200. If a title reaches any of those levels, it and the act's subsequent albums are then ineligible to appear on Heatseekers Albums. 'Can You Stand the Heat' debuts at #7!

  • Song April 30, 2013

    Song 'Can't You See…' Pick-Of-The-Week USA TODAY

    The song Can't You See What You're Doing To Me from Ana's latest album Can You Stand the Heat is Pick-Of-The-Week at USA TODAY, American's biggest national newspaper! USA Today: "The Serbian-born blues guitarist honors Albert King on this scorcher from the new Can You Stand the Heat and she plays the New Orleans Jazz Fest on Friday." 

  • Can You Stand The Heat hits The Billboard charts April 25, 2013

    Can You Stand The Heat hits The Billboard charts

    'Can You Stand the Heat' makes it's debut at The Billboard Charts at #9, movin' up to #3 in the fifth week! Thanks for your support everyone. It an honor to be in the TOP 5 of today's very best selling blues albums in the US. 

  • EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE April 15, 2013


    Take a listen to the funky album track 'Boys Night Out.' “It’s a fun tune I wrote while trying to look at a “boy’s night out” from the male perspective,” Popovic tells American Songwriter. “We girls sit at home and nag about it, but sometimes men need a night filled with talk of cars, poker, smoking, drinking. It’s fine to give it to them once in a while. . .”

  • Receive April 12, 2013

    Receive 'The Heat' w/ Blues Revue Magazine!

    Receive your copy of 'Can You Stand the Heat' with a subscription of the world's best blues magazine; BLUES REVUE! - Powered by Artist Exclusive Records & MojoWax Media Inc.

  • Ana featured on April 11, 2013

    Ana featured on

    In the male-dominated world of blues, the Serbian born and raised Ana Popovic continues to prove her mettle and might with killer guitar chops and well-crafted songwriting.  Co-produced with longtime B.B. King drummer Tony Coleman, her upcoming sixth album Can You Stand the Heat still showcases Popovic’s ardent love for the blues but lends a vibe reminiscent of Albert King and Albert Collins...... Read the full story HERE!

  • Tour poster April 08, 2013

    Tour poster 'Can You Stand the Heat

    Click HERE for the official 'Can You Stand The Heat' tour-poster! And here for another one.

  • Ana at WGN morning news March 28, 2013

    Ana at WGN morning news

    Watch the Ana Popovic Band perform live at Chicago's most-watched morning show; WGN morning news.

  • Exclusive Premiere March 19, 2013

    Exclusive Premiere 'Can You Stand The Heat' presents the exclusive premiere of a new song by guitarist Ana Popovic.

    The song, "Can You Stand The Heat," is the title track from Popovic's upcoming album, which will be released April 16 via ArtisteXclusive Records.

    Read more

  • Album one sheet March 14, 2013

    Album one sheet

    Click here for the 'CAN YOU STAND THE HEAT' album one sheet. (US & Canada) 



    “Ana Popovic can play the sh*t out of the blues. Hot. Cool. Killer chops... the total package.” – Guitar World

    Watch “Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me

    Serbian-born Ana Popovic, one of the most lauded blues guitarists on the circuit, moved to Memphis to capture the cities’ greasy Stax sound, record at Ardent Studios, and play with its finest musicians.  Her new LP ‘Can You Stand The Heat' is out April 16th.  A passionate student of the blues, this album is equally inspired by Albert King and WAR. She belts from the gut and shreds her a pair of high heels.

    ‘Can You Stand The Heat’ is the follow-up to Ana’s 2011 album, ‘Unconditional,’ which was nominated for two Blues Music Awards and landed in the top 15 of Guitar World's top Blues and Roots Rock Albums. ‘Heat’ was co-produced by long-time BB King drummer Tony Coleman, GRAMMY-winner Tommy Sims and Ana.

    ‘Can You Stand The Heat’ was recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis and features a crack band of some of Memphis' finest players including John Williams on bass (Al Green), Harold Smith on rhythm guitar (BB King All Star Band), The Bo-Keys on horns, and Tony Coleman on drums.

    Tracks like the sultry “Boys Night Out” and her take on a deep Rolling Stones cut “Rain Fall Down” crank up the thermostat on old school blues and funk in the vein of Albert King, Albert Collins and WAR. The album also includes a sweltering cover of Albert King’s classic “Can’t You See What You're Doing To Me.”
    Watch Ana and her band rip through “Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me” and “Can You Stand The Heat
    Ana was born in Belgrade and quickly took to the guitar at 15 after uncovering her father’s impressive collection of blues and soul records. She’s turned heads at festivals around the world, shared stages with Buddy Guy, BB King and Taj Mahal, and has been nominated for a total of four Blues Music Awards.

    ‘Can You Stand The Heat’ Tracklist:

    1. Can You Stand The Heat
    2. Can’t You See What You're Doing To Me
    3. Mo’ Better Love
    4. Object Of Obsession
    5. Boys' Night Out
    6. Hot Southern Night - ft. Lucky Peterson
    7. Every Kind Of People
    8. Ana’s Shuffle
    9. Blues For Mrs. Pauline / Leave My Boy Alone
    10. Leave Well Enough Alone aka: High Maintenance You
    11. Tribe
    12. Rain Fall Down
    Bonus tracks:
    13. Growing Up Too Soon
    14. Mo' Better Love - ft. Tommy Sims

    The Ana Popovic band will tour the US throughout the summer and fall.

  • Ana reunites with Shore Fire Media February 15, 2013

    Ana reunites with Shore Fire Media

    For Ana's new album 'CAN YOU STAND THE HEAT' (worldwide release April 16th, 2013) Ana Popovic Music & ArtisteXclusive mngnt reunite with Shore Fire Media for a nationwide publicity campaign in the United States. The campaign kicks off on February 19th and runs for 4 long months.

  • New Orleans Jazz Fest. January 17, 2013

    New Orleans Jazz Fest.

    Ana is confirmed to play at the prestigious New Orleans Jazz Festival. One of the biggest festivals worldwide. The 2013 line-up includes Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5, BB King, John Mayer, George Bendson, Billy Joel and many, MANY others. See you on May 3rd in the BIG EASY!

  • Can You Stand The Heat December 20, 2012

    Can You Stand The Heat

    Ana Popovic Music and American Blues Scene give you the world premiere of the brand new video 'Can you stand the heat', one of the songs from Ana's upcoming album! (Release April 2013) Check out a sweet new soul sound with Ana's hot Memphis band.
    Check the video out right HERE

  • Ana finishing off album October 10, 2012

    Ana finishing off album

    Ana is back at the Ardent Recording Studios in Memphis, TN finishing her new album, to be released in the Spring of 2013. The ALL STAR line-up from L2R: John Williams (bass), Harold Smith (rhythm guitar), Frank Ray Jr. (hammond B3), ANA POPOVIC (Lead guitar & vocals), Tony Coleman (drums) & Pete Matthews (engineer).

  • Ana relocates to Memphis, TN August 01, 2012

    Ana relocates to Memphis, TN

    Since August 1st Ana can call herself a Tennessee Girl or, more precise, a Memphian! Welcome to the City of Soul, Blues, Gospel and Rock ‘n Roll Ana.

  • Ana on a bottle July 15, 2012

    Ana on a bottle

    Breakwater Vineyards has made an Blueberry wine with Ana on the label! Available at their Winery in Owls Head, Maine. To order online check

  • July 02, 2012

    26 shows in 30 days

    Only one month after the birth of baby-girl Lenna and the APB is already on the move! With shows in California, Colorado, Ontario, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maine, Road Island, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts the Ana Popovic band is hittin' it hard! Check out the tour dates and come to see a show!

  • Blues Blast Music Awards July 01, 2012

    Blues Blast Music Awards '12

    Ana is nominated for Best Female Blues Artist at the 2012 Blues Blast Music Award. VOTE Today!

  • Baby-girl LENNA is born! June 01, 2012

    Baby-girl LENNA is born!

    On June 1st, 2012 Ana gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby-girl! Her name is LENNA, she weights 4,2KG and is born with lots of dark hair and big blue eyes.

    Mother is doing very well. Brother Luuk & daddy are extremely proud with this 4th member of the Ana Popovic b… family!

  • LRBC 2012 May 21, 2012

    LRBC 2012

    Sail with Ana on the world's only fully chartered blues cruise! LRBC #19 is over 90% sold, but great ocean-view cabins remain. Call 816-753-7979 for info or visit

    Lineup: Taj Mahal Trio, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Brooks Family Blues Dynasty: Lonnie, Ronnie & Wayne Baker Brooks, Buckwheat Zydeco, Bobby Rush Revue, Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue (Tommy Castro Band, Magic Dick, Ronnie Baker Brooks & Deanna Bogart), North Mississippi All-Stars, Ruthie Foster Band, Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials, The Nighthawks, James Harman, Trampled Under Foot, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Shane Dwight, Ironing Board Sam and Many More!

  • RECORDING NEW ALBUM April 02, 2012


    Ana travels to Memphis, TN to record some tracks for her new album @ the amazing Ardent studios, with Tony Coleman (drummer BB King), John Williams (bass) and Frank Ray Jr. (hammond B3).

  • March 01, 2012

    NEW website and other exciting news

    Welcome to my brand new website!

    We are very excited about the result. The new site is lighter than the previous one & designed to get you the latest news in the shortest amount of time…. We've added much more music, photos, videos and inside information. ENJOY.

    Especially for the occasion we also printed a LIMITED edition signed posters of the 'much-discussed' Unconditional cover. Rare collectors item!! Check them out in the store. Only available via

    This new website isn't the only exciting news. Some of you might already have noticed but my husband and I are expecting a new baby! (Due date May 25th) Luuk is trilled about the coming of his baby SISTER.

    The 2012 summer schedule is shaping up nicely. We will be spending most of our time in the US this year but will plan tours in Europe too. Sure hope seeing you on a summer-festival or at your favorite club.

    We are ready for a GREAT summer!!

  • Ana ROCKS Mumbai India February 14, 2012

    Ana ROCKS Mumbai India

    At the phenomenal Mahindra Blues Festival in India, Ana jams with Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal, Robert Randolph and John Lee Hooker JR.

  • February 13, 2012

    Buddy and Ana Jamming

    Buddy Guy & Ana at the afternoon press conference / jam-session of the Mahindra Blues Festival 2012.

  • January 02, 2012

    Line-up change ANA POPOVIC BAND

    Ana Popovic and management regret to inform that Ronald Jonker will, as of March 2012, stop working as the bassplayer of the Ana Popovic band. Roni feels like he should be spending more time with his family & his personal projects. Roni was a great addition to the band and we are thankful for the six amazing years we worked together.

    The position is currently open. Starting of in June we are seeking a new, preferably US based, bass-player & singer that can add to the modern blues approach of the APB. In 2011 the band played 125 shows all over the world.

    If you feel you are that professional addition to the band or you might know the person we are looking for leave us your motivation via info (@)
    Auditions will be scheduled in April in New Orleans.

    We wish Roni nothing but the best.
    His last show with the APB will be on March 31st, 2012.

  • Unconditional - Top 10 Amazon December 25, 2011

    Unconditional - Top 10 Amazon's Best Blues Albums of 2011

    Click here for a complete overview.

  • Ana 3 times nominated for the American Blues Music Awards 2012 December 24, 2011

    Ana 3 times nominated for the American Blues Music Awards 2012

    Great news everyone!! I'm 3 time (!) nominated for a 33rd Blues Music Award.
    - Contemporary Blues Album (Unconditional)
    - Contemporary Blues Female Artist
    - Best DVD (An Evening at Trasimeno Lake)

    Check out all nominees HERE. To be nominated again is truly an honor. Huge thanks to everyone at the American Blues Foundation and to all of you, my fans for the support.

    Please help me win by VOTING. Learn how via

  • Unconditional # 13 at Guitar World December 15, 2011

    Unconditional # 13 at Guitar World's top Blues and Roots Rock Albums of 2011

    Ana is in good company sharing the top 15 with the likes of Wynton Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Gregg Allman, Susan Tedeschi, Dereck Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Lucky Peterson.

    Thank you Guitar World.

  • Unconditional winner at the Blues Revue December 01, 2011

    Unconditional winner at the Blues Revue 'Sponsor the bands contest'

    Unconditional is voted one of the winners at the Blues Revue 'Sponsor the bands contest.'
    Many thanks for your support.

  • An Evening at Trasimeno Lake voted BEST BLUES DVD at the Blues Matters Awards (UK) November 01, 2011

    An Evening at Trasimeno Lake voted BEST BLUES DVD at the Blues Matters Awards (UK)

    An Evening at Trasimeno Lake was voted Best Blues DVD of 2011 at the Blues Matters Awards. THANK YOU United Kingdom.

    Order your copy right HERE.

  • September 30, 2011

    Ana jamming with Buddy Guy

    At the phenomenal Russian River Jazz and Blues Festival Ana is invited on stage by Buddy Guy, to jam on ‘One Room Country Shack’ while the legend, Mr. BB King is sitting backstage watching the show!

  • Unconditional HITS the Billboard chart at #7 September 15, 2011

    Unconditional HITS the Billboard chart at #7

    Unconditional made it's way to Billboard Blues Charts. For 9 weeks the album peeks at #7. The CD also made it at # 70 at Amazon's all music bestsellers list and # 1 at Amazon's contemporary Blues bestsellers list!

  • One Room Country Shack USA Today September 12, 2011

    One Room Country Shack USA Today's' Pick-Of-The-Week'

    'One Room Country Shack' recorded at Ana's latest album Unconditional is this weeks's Pick-Of-The-Week at USA Today, American's biggest national newspaper!

  • ANA POPOVIC RELEASES August 16, 2011


    Widely regarded as one of worlds very best female guitar-players - Ana Popovic is set to release her new album, UNCONDITIONAL, August 16 on EclectoGroove Records. Recorded at the famous Piety Street recording studios in New Orleans, it is Ana's sixth studio release. 

    Unconditional is produced by Ana Popovic and Grammy Award winning John Porter. "I recorded in Eclectic cities like Memphis and Los Angeles but always wanted to go to New Orleans the capture something of their rich musical history" says Popovic, who was born in Belgrade, Serbia . "I loved being in New Orleans for a period of 3 months. I love everything about that city. It's vibe, spirit and optimism and not to forget hospitality and kindness of the people. I think it influenced the album in more ways than just musically. "

    Popovic was recently honored to appear as a special guest at BB-King's German shows. Her previous studio release, 'Still Making History' made it's way to no.3 at the US Billboard chart, for a total of 19 weeks. On 2011's Unconditional, Ana truly is a guitargodess illustrating a daring slide on a powerful guitar record that presents a soulful fusion of contemporary and classic blues. The album features New Orleans very best musicians like Sonny Landreth, the amazing Jon Clearyand David Torkanowski on hammond B3 and piano, Calvin Turner on bass andDoug Belote on drums. "I was fortunate to have the fabulous Sonny Landreth - my slide idol since my Belgrade years- to play on the album, a dream come true'' says Popovic. Also incredible harp player Jason Ricci  makes a guest appearance.

    Of the album's twelve songs, eight are originals by Popovic from which two co-written by writing partner Mark van Meurs. Also on the album, songs from the rich blues history done by some of Ana's favorites, like Koko Taylore, Buddy Guy, Otis Span, Nina Simone and Sugar Pie DeSanto. "The title Unconditional", Ana explains, "describes what I feel on stage. That place is simply unconditional. It is magical. It's just me and my guitar, notes, sounds and drum grooves. I let the band lift me up, and I feed off of their energy. I hate to think when playing. I only feel. Unconditional is how I stand towards my music -it's mine, it's sacred, and it's with no boundaries. Absolute, definite. I tend to put everything I have into it and don't let anything or anyone get in between, except the people that truly inspire me." 

    Release date: August 16, 2011

    More about this CD:

  • Ana special guest B.B. King June 01, 2011

    Ana special guest B.B. King

    On July 05, 2011 Ana Popovic and B.B. King will be performing at Tollwood Festival in Munich, Germany! Get your tickets HERE
    Being on stage with B.B. King again is truly an honor.



    Ana and band where honored to rock the incredible Doheny Blues Festival in California! The festival featured world-class performers like JONNY LANG, ROBERT RANDOLPH, ERIC JOHNSON, TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND, JOHN FOGERTY, MAVIS STAPLES, WALTER TROUT and many others, drawing 30,000 visitors in 2 days!

  • February 02, 2011


    Ana travels to NEW ORLEANS to record her third Eclecto Groove album at the Piety street Recording studio with Grammy Award winning producer John Porter (Bonnie Raitt, Keb Mo, Buddy Guy, Los Lonely Boys).

  • Ana special guest B.B. King January 17, 2011

    Ana special guest B.B. King

    On July 11, 2011 Ana Popovic and B.B. King will be performing at the Museumsplatz in Bonn, Germany! Get your tickets  HERE
    Being on stage with B.B. King again is truly an honor.

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